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EnRus dictionary tools - are Tcl/Tk scripts for creating, organizing, editing and reading textual (plain or compressed with gzip or bzip2) dictionary bases. It consists of a few Tcl console scripts and a Tk interface to them.
It is a freeware in GNU Public License (Version 2) terms.

Creating: if you have plain text file with dictionary, you can easily create dictionary base from this file, if its formation allows to categorize strings that contain defined words (start with them) from strings that contain definitions and string that should not be included in base by some substrings in them (otherwise, it may be not so easy).

Organizing: Records with the same first characters can be collected in one file in existing dictionary base, or merged with another file in base.

Editing: You can add/delete records, contained in some file, in/from existing dictionary base.

Reading: There are five tools for searching in dictionary bases and one for learning:

NB: EnRus uses cat, grep, which (gzip, zcat, bzip2, bzcat).

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