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Q: Splitting of the new dictionary base file '_words' to a number of smaller files takes a lot of time.
The quickest way of splitting a new "bulk" dictionary file is adding it to an empty dictionary base with pre-made splitting.
Q: How to prepare a new dictionary base?
  1. Create directory $HOME/.enrus/ (NOTE: if this directory exists, personal settings (.enrusrc and .enruswords) are ignored)
  2. Copy file with dictionary in EnRus format to $HOME/.enrus/_words
  3. Create file $HOME/.enrus/HELP - it should contain information about this dictionary base
  4. Create file $HOME/.enrus/enrusrc (see enrusrc.sample) and edit it
  5. Split dictionary base (enrus-gather, enrus-merge)
  6. Sort it (enrus-sort)
  7. Create index (enrus-makeindex)
  8. Create GUESSDATA (see enrus-.../data/README)
  9. Create WANDERWORDS (enrus.look? may be empty)
  10. Compress base (except enrusrc) by gzip or bzip2 (resulting files should have extension .gz or .bz2), if you wish

If you have questions that were not answered in enrus.help and ENRUS-HOWTO, please send them to me: angler@earthling.net (100kb limit)

Best wishes,
Stas Angler.

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